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postheadericon New York City Diesel

New York City Diesel

New York City Diesel cannabis strain

New York City Diesel cannabis strain

This mainly sativa(60S-40I) is a moderately difficult strain to grow. It does best in tropical warm climates, so unless you happen to live in this climate, you will need to grow this marijuana strain indoors. Indoors, New York Diesel, should grow to only 4-5 feet high, however if kept outdoors, they have been known to exceed 12 feet high. If properly cropped, New York Diesel can yield between 100-200 grams easy. This is an exotic smoke and best enjoyed while appreciating nature, art or other things of beauty. This strain of high grade marijuana has won numerous honers including High Times Cannabis Cup best sativa.

Cannabis Grade :

Climate : indoor or tropical
Yield : 400 gram m2
Height : 35 – 65 cm
Flowering period : 10 weeks
Harvest : september
THC level : 20%
Grow Difficulty : moderate

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