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In a recent email KindaSane asked:

Hi, my “name” is KindaSane, and I’m looking for some info about start up cost for a 8′ H x 7′D x 10′W space in my basement? If you can direct me any info on prices, I would be grateful. Not sure which way to start, (i.e.- hydro, or other growing meathod). Thank You in advance.

KS ;-)

Well that is a good question, but not an easy one to ask. When growing cannabis, this is a very individual decision. The options for how much or how little you want to spend to be successful in growing marijuana are way too vast for me to even come up with a ballpark. Do you want to go Metal-Halide and High Pressure Sodium? Of course these systems are more expensive and require a ballast. Or could you get away with very affordable CFL’s? Of course space is one defining factor (you wouldn’t want to have to wire and take care of hundreds of CFL bulbs in a very large grow). KindaSane could probably get away with either/or. He could go with a single grow light system that would last years like this one:

10215 400 Watts HPS Premium Digital Grow Light System

Or just build a DIY one using CFL’s.

You also may want to spend some money on nutrients. You can go spend some extra money on some good nutrients like FoxFarm Soluble Nutrients, or you can save some money and get some generic stuff from your local garden store.

You can also Do a DIY indoor grow room, or go buy yourself a fully enclosed light tight indoor grow room. Sure the ease of use may be a factor, but does that offset the cost?

Now what if you happen to want to go hydroponics? Now you are talking a whole new cost. You can absolutely build your elf a fully functioning hydroponic marijuana garden, or you can buy a pre-madehydroponics system to use right out of the box, or you can save some money a build one yourself.

So it basically comes down to convenience verses budget. Also how handy are you? You may need to ask someone for help if you plan on building a aeroponic or drip system, but could handle building an ebb and flow, or water culture type system.

If your budget could handle it, they do have some all in one hydroponic systems to use right out of the box:

One last note, I have had a lot of request for information on hydroponics. So starting next week I am going to go through a full walkthrough on how to get a hydroponic marijuana small grow operations using DIY aeroponic system. It should be posted to the main site before the end of January.

Advanced Nutrients

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